What is a hot tub?

The wooden hot tub, also called as a jacuzzi or bathtub is a round (oval) wooden barrel with an in-built stove for heating water.

The stove is sea water resistant and heated with wood. Thanks to the size of the stove, the water is heated up in a matter of 2-4 hours, depending on the weather. A hot tub with a diameter of two meters holds about 2.5 m³ of water.

In a standard tub there are benches for 6-9 people. The tub is equipped with a partition grid to prevent contact with the hot stove. The edge of the hot tub is covered with an edge board for placing refreshments, candles and other items. The hot tub can be entered by means of a wooden ladder or stairs.

Our hot tubs are made mostly of Siberian larch and spruce, imported from the region of Lake Baikal, which provides our product with a long-lasting endurance and aesthetic appearance. Larch is used as an alternative for impregnated wood and its properties will only improve over time. The heartwood of larch contains plenty of resin and tannin that make the wood highly endurable and resistant to rotting. Moreover, the tubs are treated with a natural agent that inhibits the generation of mould and bacteria.

Warm water relaxes your body and frees your muscles of tensions. You may add common marine salt, herb extracts as well as a few drops of essential oils (grapefruit, juniper or fennel that boost your metabolism and lymph circulation) to the water for more delight. Herbal therapy is beneficial for your body, senses as well as emotions.